Communicative Matrix Object (CMO)

Delving deeper into analysis
and developing a plan

The Communicative Matrix Object (CMO) is the principal means by which the CfGC begins to rebuild the entire communication system of an organization.
In the initial phase of the project, a working communication tool is created to undertake in-depth analysis. At the same time, a new system of communication is developed and put into place for the organizations the CfGC has been called on to assist. These organizations maybe be businesses, institutions, or associations.

It may be a communication tool which is already in use or it may be created from scratch: from the rebuilding of a website to the creation of an event; from managing and monitoring a Board of Directors meeting to redesigning a point of sale; from developing an effective social media strategy to the creation of a coordinated image, a newsletter or a house organ.

In other words, a tangible object that triggers communication in a concrete way toward the interior or exterior of an organization, depending on the new communication strategy. In this way, transformation of the organization’s communicative system is generated.

Revitalizing underexpressed resources

By undertaking and activating an CMO, operative analysis is facilitated with an eye toward innovation, critical elements, and conflicts within organizations, thus bringing to the surface points of strength, resources that have been marginalized, unrecognized or penalized by the old system of communication. In addition, the CMO has external impact because it communicates to the stakeholders – in practice – the innovation processes underway. For instance, a modification to the social media strategy, organization of an event according to an approach that the old system of communication had never considered, a customer service center for users/clients that reaches out in an unexpected and more effective way compared to the past. These are all examples of ways people can perceive, in practical terms, changes that indicate steps toward innovation, and they also help people get a sense of the strategy behind the new communication, even if it is still under construction.
However, the CMO above all generates a spirit of sustainable collaboration that a top-down approach to innovation could never achieve. Why? Because all the stakeholders, whether they’re internal or external, feel that they’re part of an innovation process since they feel, each in their own way, as if they are generating it themselves on a daily basis.

Launching new communication

The knowledge databases that emerges from an CMO, with regard to the vision, mission, and normal operations, are essential to profile the people, contents, tools, functions, and internal/external communication flows of an organization. And much more. It provides fundamental knowledge for the other strategic action: that which contextually transforms the entire system of communication of an organization both with regard to internal organizational communication and that which puts the organization in communication with the outside world.

In other words, launching new communication by activating a CMO means working on a single communication tool and transforming it as needed, in real terms, but with the prospect of transforming the entire communicative ecosystem.